We have firstly produced baby bottles with adaptation of 2-axial stretching blow type and provided them to domestic and overseas businesses. We have product baby bottles using PES (POLYETHERSULFONE) resin with support from BASF, German in an effort to develop substituted materials that do not emit environmental hormone since an environmental hormone was detected from PC (POLYCARBONATE) that was used for material of baby bottle and we have finally provided baby bottles adapting no-defect resin to the Japan and local businesses after developing PGA (POLY-GRIL-AMID) resin baby bottles and PEN resin baby bottles from EMS, Switzerland.
We have entered into agreement with LMG Fibrenyle Limited in December, 1988 regarding introduction of technologies and locally first developed Aerosol container using PET material. At that time, we determined to adapt Aerosol manufacturing technologies so that we could satisfy the needs of small portion of order (30,000 to 50,000 articles) and lower the original cost of manufacturing as soon as we
introduced Aerosol manufacturing technologies using PET resin considering that GAS inner-pressured container was manufactured as aluminum or steel tube before development of container.